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Porta S.p.A. was founded in Italy in 1936 and immediately became an expert in manufacturing key operated drill chucks. The following years were marked by flattering success and the job at Porta became very satisfactory.

Porta launched on the Italian market the keyless drill chucks which immediately became a success thanks to its practical use. At the same time the basic range of drill chucksproduction was expanded with some machine tools accessories such as revolving centres for lathes, tapered arbors for chucks and reducing sleeves. After a period of large demand for portable electrical tools, the company was nearly obliged to make profitable investments in order to adapt its production to the new market needs.

Keyed chucks

Keyless chucks

Self-tightening chucks

High precision chucks with titanium jaws


Lathe and revolving centers

Ejection keys

Right angle drill attachment

Other accessories


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